Makin’ Lemonade is a collective of young, like-minded, passionate, and ambitious Gen Z’ers & Millennials who want to make a difference during these unfortunate times. We remember the days of making our own Lemonade Stands to help the community, and always loved the hustle…

Our team is composed of college students, and recent graduates who felt the importance of making an immediate difference. We have already partnered with over 50 student bodies including Michigan, Harvard, Cornell, Penn State, Wisconsin, Indiana, Stevens Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, Ohio State, and Rutgers among others.

With social distancing in place, we came together to make our lemonade stand in a different way. We are going to make lemonade online and we are excited to spread our mission with the greater community.

At the core, we are the voice of the next generation wanting to make a difference now and quickly to help those in need. We must make lemonade with what we got. Let’s do this together and collectively, we can make an immediate, much-needed impact.


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